Liminant note at a time.

Spacebound Apes

We are all spacebound apes. Whatever way you look at it. However much we delude ourselves that as a species we are at the pinnacle of all understanding, in truth we know nothing. - Neil Cowley



Light & Shade

Planet EarthHumble origins, simple aims. The Liminant project will seek to function in a number of ways including;

  • In-house collaborative production and performance projects.
  • Logistic and resource support.
  • Tuition and workshops.
  • Networking support.
  • Performance sponsorship

A key function of the project will be to develop a mechanism whereby musicians can venture out of the city and into the hills without financial detriment and hassle. This will also involve developing a curious audience and dealing with the logistics of performance. At the same time the project will encourage and support local musicians to venture into different sonic territory.

Two key principles;
1) The fulcrum. To always seek to apply the right amount of input, in the right way. There will never be the type of funding, or audience sizes, available out in the sticks as can be found in the cities. This means organic growth and leverage.
2) Absence of drift. The project is totally focused on multicultural fusion and crossover in music. There will be no drift towards 'general/mainstream' music activities.

Please contact us for any further information. Liminant is a non profit venture and therefore enthusiastic volunteers are welcomed. If you are exploring this area of music making then please contact us to see if we/you can help in any way, or even just to share it.

Current resources available

  1. Small PA system & mics. & FX
  2. Video recording.
  3. Mobile 8-track digital recording.
  4. Korg Wavedrum (Global ed.), Yamaha DTX 12, other percussion.
  5. Meris Hedra with MIDI interface
  6. Digital pianos/keyboards
  7. Transport & logistics.
  8. Logical enthusiasm

The above resources are available for hire at cost, for a donation or for free depending on circumstances.