Sounds from a distance...


... gives a soul to the Universe - Plato

In these times...

...where we cannot meet and mingle
we are still able to share and create music that spans cultures by using technologies that span distance.

Since the first lockdown we have been collaborating, using a variety of online tools, producing music between people from Scotland, Lithuania, India, Ecuador, Netherlands, US and beyond.

Ahead of being able to write, rehearse and perform together again we're keen to find more people in Scotland to explore global music sharing, particularly 'local' i.e. Glasgow and South West Scotland.

If needed we can offer technical advice and support to make this a little easier.

The tools...

There are many free or very cheap music recording software tools, such as Audacity, that can run on a laptop. Files can easily be shared on Soundcloud, drop box etc. enabling others to add their parts, mix and produce.

One day we can meet, share and produce together, until then, we can still explore and get to know each other's music as best we can, preparing to play live once more. Please feel free to email for more info.

Camille Nehme

Lebanese multi instrumentalist based in Glasgow.

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Glasgow Festival of Arabic Dance

Saturday 15th June 2019

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